2015 Annual Report: Information Services for Health Risk and Crisis Management

Our Project “Information Services for Health Risk and Crisis Management” was re-launched in 2015, by reconstituting the former H-CRISIS (Health Crisis and Risk Information Supporting Internet System) which was launched in 2001 to further support health crisis and risk management including national disasters.

In this project, we provide 3 systems; a website which succeeds the former H-CRISIS, the Disaster Health and Medicine Support System, and the Disaster Health Risk Monitoring System. Through these systems, we aim to integrate expertise and knowledge of related agencies such as national institutes, local public health centers, local public health laboratories and academia to shape public health intelligence for health risk and crisis. Such integration will promote a positive feedback for further information integration among those agencies. In this fiscal year, we newly set up the governing board which determines the administration policy and the executive committee which embodies the policy. The new administration policy was endorsed by these committees.

The new H-CRISIS incorporated the After Action Database of Health Crisis Events reported by the Local Public Health Laboratory Network.  We compiled 1,638 after action reports of health crisis events from 1997 to 2014, of which 1,426 reports are currently disclosed. We also prepare for publishing sequentially those cases which was reported in FY2015. To facilitate reporting, we are developing online reporting system.

The new H-CRISIS also incorporated the Website for Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response developed by a research group funded by the MHLW Health Labour Sciences Research Fund.

H-CRISIS is archiving issues related to health risk and crisis events, compiling what’s new on public health alerts from MHLW, using newly developed automatic article surveillance and submission system.